About City Clean


City Clean has a reputation for quality, reliability, and a thorough knowledge of fibres and fabric care, backed up by a dedicated, friendly and professional staff.

All garments are thoroughly inspected prior to cleaning to assess what treatments may best benefit the fabrics’ cleaning requirements. Every possible care is taken to protect and maintain the quality of your garments from adding foil wrappings on buttons through to applying the latest in cleaning products to suit individual fabrics.

City Clean has 10 staff in total as well as the company’s two partners.

Some of the members of City Clean’s team have been working with the company for 26 years. This has involved witnessing the many changes that the cleaning industry has gone through over the years including the updating of new equipment and its compliance with standard industry regulations.

The latest in dry cleaning technology and appliances, extensive knowledge in industry practices and procedures, all managed by a professional, experienced staff, ensures that our customers receive the highest possible results available in the industry today.

Stain Removal

One of greatest skills in dry cleaning revolves around stain removal. Specialists cannot guarantee the removal of all stains, but our expert in-house knowledge, drawn from several decades of practice, means that we know what are the best techniques to apply in stain removal. We maintain a fine balance between results and safety.

We are here to provide you with the best possible service for all your fabric and garment care requirements. We also have a retail outlet on the premises to supply you with related cleaning and shoe wear products.

Our clients include customers such as the Royal Opera House right through to London’s foremost curtain makers.